This is my first foray into digital self-expression. This site has been created as a means of sharing what I do and what I love. It's a vehicle with which to forge new creative connections and, as I have always loved lists, a way of visually categorising the themes that have followed me all my adult life: repetition, pattern, colour, texture, visual tricks, and the unusual.

I'm an Englishwoman working in New York City. I'm often restless and hungry for more, but still madly inspired by what I see and feel around me in New York, a city with its arteries pumping to a glorious, proud pulse.

I work as an embellishment designer in fashion, which feeds my need for pattern-making - and clothes. I love clothes and fashion, of course, but my love is accompanied by a raised eyebrow and a healthy dose of cynicism. Accordingly, my loves and fascinations often lie beyond that frivolous realm.

I always seem to define myself by what I love or hate. I've always been governed by these two powerful polarities, but it would be more prudent to avoid launching into a long list of the things that irk, and better instead to define some of the good things, the things that make life rich and fascinating.

I love the unexpected, verbal, visual, literal. I have a deep appreciation of the absurd. Darkly absurd is even better. I'm drawn to the surreal, the unexplained, the macabre. I like things and people that defy categorization. I highly value curiosity, spontaneity, generosity, flamboyance, elegance, beauty, rebellion, bravery, opinion, humour, warmth, good taste, creative minds, music, people who are musical, and, of course, writers who can transport their readers.

I love pattern, visual puns, storms, rain, the smell of pavements after a summer tempest. I love dreaming, pomegranates, figs, castles, ruins, desert, vintage and antique clothing, maximalism and minimalism, macro versus micro. I love other cultures, their rituals, beliefs and costume. I love marzipan from Germany, wine from Italy, and Pilsner from just about anywhere. This is a constantly evolving list, though the fundamentals remain the same.

I hope you have some response to what you find here. I hope you are surprised and inspired.

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