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I am fascinated by collage. Again, within the confines of a square, anything can happen. I love the discipline it demands.

I work with old copies of National Geographic magazine, specifically editions from the 1970s and early 1980s, when a particular quality of paper and printing produced a finish that I adore: very matt, with muted colour.

I like the challenge of having to work with images that have fixed dimensions: where the rules cannot be bent.

With these images I create impossible scenarios and landscapes, where geography, architecture and gravity are turned on their heads. Skyscrapers clash with ancient temples; school bands march endlessly out of snowy wastes; traffic jams collide with Saturn's rings; meteors of silver spoons crash to earth; the Tower of Pisa is washed up on a beach; and Shaker interiors are devoured by hurricanes.

It's my own brand of apocalyptic drama, realised through a 1970s lens.